Stefan Huth with his Balancetap Acoustic Tap Guitar

Stefan Huth with his Balancetap Acoustic Tap Guitar


The Vogel Balancetap is a tap guitar or touchguitar which is normally played with the so called tapping technique. Some of you might have seen such kind of instruments at Peter Gabriel or King Crimson concerts.

The instrument was developed together with Stefan Huth ( It took several years to complete. In 2012 it reached the “final” status. In this project we could also use the Balance principle and we made an unbelivable instrument which didn’t exist before. Stefan came to us with the idea of getting a tapping instrument that sounds like a normal steel string guitar. Due to this outstanding Design it is also possible to strum, pluck, pick or even slap the instrument and it really sounds acoustic and clean. The three seperate outputs for guitar, bass section and the piezo in connetion with the EMG boosters result in many different ways to amplify the instrument.

These custom made high quality BLANCETAP instruments can be ordered now.  Prices start at 2700€.

Features of shown instrument:

  • 12 strings (6 bass/6 melody)
  • bongossi-neck
  • maple body
  • curly maple top
  • rosewood at headstock and stringholder
  • saddle with bone imitation
  • bridge designed as a splitted V-Bridge with bone imitation
  • KLUSON tuners
  • stainless steel stringholder
  • mother of pearl fretboard inlay
  • 2x active custom designed JACKSON single-coil pickups
  • 2x EMG active electronics for bass/melody
  • 2x EMG booster for bass/melodie
  • 2x SHADOW Custom Designed 12! string piezo elektronics
  • three 1/4″ TRS output jacks (magnetic bass/magnetic melodie/piezo)

See pics from the Development phase:

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