19th Oct 2012
Vogel Double 12 Moster Cab + Horn

New Bass Cabinet: VOGEL Double 12 Monster Cab + Horn

We added a new bass cabinet to our portfolio that will impress you. It is a 2×12″ cabinet including a PA horn. A great concept. The cab is called VOGEL Double...

19th Oct 2012

VOGEL supports Unbaco

UNBACO stands for a bandconstest from musicians for musicians for Metal Rock/Alternativ Gothic/EBM/Industrial Pop (/HipHop) Check out their website www.unbaco.de. At all concerts Vogel Guitar Concepts delivers Vogel Double 10/12  guitar cabinets...

18th Oct 2012
VOGEL Monster Bass 400 Topteil

VOGEL Monster Bass 400 finished

The latest Monster born in our Custom Shop is the Vogel Monster Bass 400. The amp can be tested at our shop so check it out! With 400 watts of all...

12th Oct 2012

Past M.D. Live mit VOGEL Equipment

Die Hard Rock Band Past M.D. sind nun offizelle Endorser für VOGEL Gitarren und Bassboxen. Hier ein kurzes Video vom Konzert in Oberhausen am 05.10.2012. Danke Jungs!