Johannes Vogel with Balance GuitarJohannes Vogel was born in 1959, and he got a huge musical background from his parents. He started playing the piano very early and later he chose the cello as his second instrument. In the 70s he started playing guitars and bass. From this time Johannes was fascinated of the expression those instruments offer. After a graphic and design education he studied architecture. Back then he paid his studies with the money he earned from repairing guitars and basses.

Beside his musical engagement he was always interested in the construction of guitars and basses and how different materials work together. In 1989 he founded his own company which was widely known for their demanting custom made instruments after the first years.

 Experience, expertise and originality as well as being a musician are the key. I have a clear way to communicate with my customers, to help them realize their desires and find innumerable solutions and innovations. Mycreativity + the ideas of my clientele = unique products, made to order. 

I needs much experience to realize these ideas and to build great instruments that you like to play and love for years. This experience results in the Balance-Serie, B.Genius basses, amps and cabinets.The requirement in design an goal-orientented construktion result in ambitious products.